Microsoft Applies To Patent Dual Screen Mobile Shown In Montage Vision 2019 Video

I’m no more excited about Windows Phone 7. I WANT THIS PHONE DAMMIT!

Slick Surface Projects Show Windows Can Do Touch

Microsoft LiveStream — project for Microsoft Surface from Stimulant shows Windows can be used for Touch devices.

Map Your Foursquare Check-ins On Bing Maps

See your foursquare check-ins on Bing Maps or Google Maps.

Microsoft India Offering Office 2010 At Rs 1,000 A PC

In the US, Microsoft has brought back Family Pack which is three Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade licenses for as low as $149. Sometime back I had asked why Microsoft India doesn’t have something similar in India, the response was underwhelming. Anyhoo… today, Abhishek Baxi shared on twitter that Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student edition is now available at Rs. 2,999.