Slick Surface Projects Show Windows Can Do Touch

There’s a huge debate about Windows being a good platform for touch devices like Tablets for a long time, especially after seeing the alleged HP Windows 7 Slate video.

Honestly, I’m skeptical too about Windows for touch devices and Windows Phone 7 or Windows CE show promise and are competitive alternatives but there’s this one little Microsoft product that keeps getting cool stuff and makes me wonder that, Windows can actually be on touch devices and do a pretty darn good job of it.

The device is Microsoft Surface and it uses Windows Vista, yeah, go chew on that. Anyway, a new video from Stimulant showcasing their real time data visualization project, Microsoft LiveStream, makes a compelling case for Windows on touch devices. If only the developers and Microsoft did something similar for tablets.

PS: Stimulant’s Vimeo stream has quite a few cool projects on the Microsoft Surface, like the Wind Mobile — Retail experience on the Surface:

Wind Mobile – Microsoft Surface Retail Experience from Stimulant on Vimeo.