One Dock to Power the Work from Home Setup

My work from home setup is powered by a single dock that lets me switch between my work laptop, personal laptop and personal gaming desktop.

Surface Is Shit, Ergo Microsoft Is Dead; Or Not

The talk about Microsoft’s death due to Surface’s shortcomings are premature.

Why I’m Not Going To Buy The Surface RT

The more I evaluate it, the less likely I become to invest $599 in Microsoft’s Surface.

The Holiday 2012 Shopping Wish-List

Unlike last year’s holiday season, this one seems to have a lot of interesting gadgets. And I plan to buy some.

Microsoft @ CES: Rumors vs Keynote & A Disappointed Fan

While all except one rumour were spot on, Steve Ballmer’s keynote left me wanting more.

Slick Surface Projects Show Windows Can Do Touch

Microsoft LiveStream — project for Microsoft Surface from Stimulant shows Windows can be used for Touch devices.

Microsoft Applies To Patent A Touch Gesture

Microsoft has applied to patent a touch gesture known as rubber band gesture.

TellTable – Use Your Objects To Tell Your Story On Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Research project TellTable allows you to create your own stories by including your own objects and characters using a camera and Surface’s multi-touch capabilities.

MS Surface Surfaces In India

Images from the first public appearance of Microsoft Surface in India.