3 Things Microsoft Needs To Fix For WP7 Marketplace, Quick

The WP7 applications are slowly trickling in but the current Marketplace setup doesn’t help developers or Microsoft with getting applications popular the viral way. As a blogger I find it horribly difficult to review applications for two reasons which Microsoft needs to get right.


As I pointed out in my WP7 review, I place the ability to take screenshots above copy/paste. I’ve not done a single WP7 app review because I simply hate taking out my click and shoot camera place my phone on a surface figuring out lighting etc. It sucks. Video reviews are not favorites.

Application coupon codes for free full versions:

To review applications and generating interest, developers should be able to provide coupon codes easily for users to get access to full versions of the apps. While trial versions are an alternative, giving free full versions help developers by adding value for their customers. Giveaways for competitions or just out of generosity are an excellent way of attracting more users and generating buzz.

Sharing apps bought:

As of now one can share the apps over email or SMS. Unfortunately I don’t know if Microsoft realizes Twitter and Facebook are far more viral than email.

Defining priorities for a project like WP7 can be a tough job but these are crucial points that Microsoft needs to fix to help developers promote their apps and us bloggers to do what we do easily. Simply put:

  • Being able to get a coupon from a developer to try out his new app,
  • Easily and quickly take high resolution screenshots,
  • Sharing apps I bought over Twitter and Facebook the two networks I use.