[Chart] Unification Strategy For Microsoft’s IEB Services

So yesterday I speculated Microsoft is looking to confuse the heck out of me with the rebranding of Zune. The problem is combining the upcoming Windows 8 app store and the Windows Phone app store accessible on the desktop via Zune.

Now if Microsoft puts Zune under Xbox LIVE as Mary Jo suggests, that would club their entertainment services but where does this leave apps for the desktop/phone and phone syncing. In my coursework I learned Microsoft Visio and a bit of project management so here’s me putting it to good use. A web based marketplace for Windows Apps and Xbox LIVE, the Windows app store gives you desktop and mobile apps; Xbox LIVE gives you media and games.

For syncing and backing up phone/tablet data, I would look at Sinofsky’s team to improve Device Stage for phones and dump the Zune software. For managing my media catalogue, Explorer provides me with better meta editing capabilities. Here’s the chart:

Now to get back to my assignments while Microsoft figures their stuff out…