Microsoft Expo: A Dead Craigslist Alternative Coming Back?

Another day, another mysterious trademark. I’ll get to patents soon. Filed on February 28th of this year, the description says nothing other than “Computer Software” & “Online Computer Services”. I did a quick search and once upon a time there was a product called Windows Live Expo. According to Wikipedia, Windows Live Expo was a social marketplace like Craigslist; I had no idea.

This trademark has me stumped. Microsoft getting back into something like Craigslist, makes little sense even though they are doing a lot around social with FUSE Labs. Or maybe this is a marketplace for Microsoft Office? (The trademark was made public the same day a bunch of Microsoft Office product trademarks were released.)

While we’re on the topic, Microsoft is killing the Windows Live brand with Windows 8, and this makes Expo all the more interesting. It won’t be Windows Live Expo anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another Microsoft Advertising product, since well, Craigslist is an advertising website.