Back It Up

Data Loss is the biggest problem for organisations, there are ways to efficiently manage your data and make sure that you do not lose a lot of data incase of computer failure and also makes sure that work is not interrupted.

A Look At Microsoft Virtual PC

I tried MS Virtual PC and have written a small tut on how to install Ubuntu on MS Virtual PC with a short review.

Live Maps Review [First Look]

An intro and look at the features of Live Maps by Microsoft.

Windows aLive

A complete review and intro of the new services offered by Microsoft under the Live brand.

Windows Live Writer – Review & Intro

Microsoft’s blogging tool – Windows Live Writer, this is a short review and how-to-use the new software. The software is perfect for bloggers, it connects with almost all blog services and has a slew of features

Cant Afford Vista, Still Feel The WoW!!!

With this tutorial you can emulate vista’s look in XP and manually choose to apply what you want to.
A lot of people have not liked vista as much as they like XP so witth this they can have the best o both worlds.

Difference between Unix/Linux & Windows

An article that describes the basic differences between Unix/Linux and the Windows operating systems and their architecture.

What Was The Difference Between A Mac & A PC

This article shows the basic difference between the non-Intel Macs & IBM PCs, what made them different.

Music In The Air. Quite Literally

Control your desktop via your cell-phone and also wirelessly transmit your songs over the FM.

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