[Update: False Alarm] Windows Live Wave 4 Icon Spotted

Microsfot Live Wave 4 has a new icon. The icon is 4 superimposed on the Windows flag.

Windows Live Display Driver Comes With Wave 4

Windows Live Wave 4 is set to install a driver named Windows Live Display Driver that is likely to replace the Mesh Remote Desktop Driver.

Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Mail Changes And New Features

Changes, improvements and new features in the recently leaked Windows Live Wave 4 Windows Live Mail.

[Update] Windows Live Wave 4: Live Writer Changes And New Features

Here’s a quick look at the changes in Live Writer Wave 4.

Hotmail Sign-In Page Tweaked Ahead Of MIX10, Metro Inspired Look For Wave 4?

Hotmail’s sign in apge gets tweaked, Windows Live Wave 4 web apps to get segoe typography similar to Metro UI.

MIX10: HTML5 & IE9, Windows Phone 7 Series, Live Wave 4 And More

Some of the highlights to look forward to at Microsoft’s annual event. MIX10 happens in Vegas from the 15 to 17 March.