[Update: False Alarm] Windows Live Wave 4 Icon Spotted

faviconSo far Windows Live Essentials and Live Services had the Windows flag as their logo. With Wave 4 Microsoft seems to be doing some branding for the suite. The Favicon for Microsoft’s Live Wave 4 preview website gives a glimpse of the icon. It’s just a ‘4’ superimposed on the Windows flag.

Whether this remains as a favicon or becomes a part of the branding is anybody’s guess. Microsoft is expected to show a preview of their Wave 4 today on Windows Live Preview. However, LiveSide and LiveSino have screenshots what is expected to be shown.

Live Messenger in Wave 4 is to have the following features:

  • Tabbed conversations
  • Badges
  • Receive social updates from Hotmail
  • Inline commenting
  • Synchronized status updates

Update: now that the website is up and the Windows Live image and icon on the website does not have the 4 super-imposed, I guess it is just for the favicon. Sigh.