Download Microsoft Virtual Tech Days Sessions

After the biggest launch by them, wherein they introduced 3 of their major products together – Server 2008; Visual Studio 2008 & SQL Server 2008 (I attended the event, you can find the coverage and details here – Microsoft’s Largest Launch Event – Mumbai Leg), Microsoft held quite a few events where they explained the products more deeply and showed demos that were more serious in nature. These events were held way back in April, but I got the mail with download links today. maybe I must’ve missed the previous mail, if there were any. Anyway, here are the download links. There are a little too many download links, so I will just link you to the page.

The download links have Power-Point presentations & *.wmv videos of the event. The sessions include :

  1. 8 videos on Windows Server 2008.
  2. 4 videos on SQL Server 2008 – Business Intelligence and Admin.
  3. 4 videos on SQL Server 2008 High Availability & Security.
  4. 4 videos on SQL Server 2008-RDBMS.
  5. 4 videos on Visual Studio 2008 Web Applications.
  6. 4 videos on Visual Studio  2008 Fundamentals.
  7. 4 videos on Visual Studio 2008 Smart Clients.

Download Page