Win 7 Organsational Chart

Steven Sinofsky today on the official Windows 7 blog detailed about how they have organized Microsoft for Windows 7. The break-down is pretty simple, I have created some charts in Microsoft Word using the ever-so helpful Smart Art to explain the organization.

Sinofsky & DeVaan have divided their work as:

Jon-Sinfosky work division for Window 7

Now lets see how Jon-man & Sino-man over-see Windows 7:

Win 7 chart

Sino-man (Steven Sinfosky) & Jon-man (Jone DeVaan), will have 25 feature teams under them, these 25 feature teams will be working on a particular feature of Windows 7 and will be responsible for that particular feature’s Code, Quality & Overall Development.

There will be 4 groups that will be in contact with these 25 Feature teams, other than Sinofsky & DeVaan, represented by the last column.

These 25 Feature Teams will each have engineers covering 3 areas of expertise, here is the composition of every Feature Team:

Windows 7 organization chart

23 of the 25 listed Feature Teams on the blog are:

  1. Applets and Gadgets
  2. Assistance and Support Technologies
  3. Core User Experience
  4. Customer Engineering and Telemetry
  5. Deployment and Component Platform
  6. Desktop Graphics
  7. Devices and Media
  8. Devices and Storage
  9. Documents and Printing
  10. Engineering System and Tools
  11. File System
  12. Find and Organize
  13. Fundamentals
  14. Internet Explorer (including IE 8 down-level)
  15. International
  16. Kernel & VM
  17. Media Center
  18. Networking – Core
  19. Networking – Enterprise
  20. Networking – Wireless
  21. Security
  22. User Interface Platform
  23. Windows App Platform