Google Beat Apple At Its Game

The Blogging world for last 3 days was, as a friend puts it –  “Chromosphere” and not “Blogosphere”. Yeah! Everyone was writing about how to get themes on Chrome, how Chrome is more efficient a browser than IE or Firefox. People have been discussing whether or not will there ever be a AdBolck+ for Chrome. It has also been stated that Google is not only trying to kill IE with Chrome but even kill Windows by taking everyone to the cloud with the browser! Seriously, how do you expect to do that when Chrome needs a Windows to run for now?

Anyway, amongst the hoopla-ha everyone seemed to missed this little fact that with Chrome’s release Google actually beat Apple at it’s own game – Secrecy. Twitter was flooded with Chrome’s comic only 2 days before it’s announcement & till then there was just a faint whisper in the alleys of Silicon Valley that Google is working on a  browser.

Even Android was considered to be a full-blown phone to be released in India right up till Android was actually announced![1. Lazy to search the links.]

This is quite interesting considering that Apple’s events are slowly becoming highly predictable about what to expect and Apple is known to keep it’s cards close to Steve Jobs’ chest (stuck somewhere in the polo-neck T-shirt of his).

Is Apple changing it’s un-written policy of being secretive and maybe deliberately giving out snippets to generate a buzz in the market? Could be. It makes sense, as Apple is known to be secretive about it’s plans, such leaks often flood the likes of Gizmodo, Engadget, TUAW & Digg giving Apple quite a bit (Read: awesome amount) of publicity.

Whatever be the case, for the time being it seems that Google beat Apple at it’s game, twice. By the way, did I happen to mention that Macboys pride over the fact that Apple events are unpredictable even though they are not, if not, there it is.