Dreamspark Coupons Giveaway

Don’t scowl & say that why am I giving away something that is already free. Microsoft was giving away Dreamspark coupons that would help you bypass all hassles, so I decided to get some for you guys. Simply use the verification code & start downloading.

I have 5 coupons to give away, I would like to give them to people who actually want. If you need access to the software or someone you know that would benefit, leave a comment telling me why. For info like what software & what is the Dreamspark project, refer to this post.

The only requirement, you need to justify your need for the coupon. Leave a comment as to why you want it. To use the code:

  1. Go here & enter the code.
  2. Sign in with a Live account.
  3. Start downloading.

32 thoughts on “Dreamspark Coupons Giveaway

  1. I deserve a coupon because I think Windows and that Live crap sucks. Seriously, gimme a coupon and I’ll show you how I just throw it out the window. :)

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  3. MS Paired with MTV and they came to our college and gave away like 100s of cds wit the key and everything to students who told them about their “dream software”

    most of them didnt even understand what to do with it, lol :P I explained to some of them… I could have taken it from them.. but oh well..

  4. DVD still not available(or NIIT people not interested in giving these to students who are not enrolled in any course at their centre at present) in centres nearby my house. So please consider my request. I am a B.Tech(IT) student. Thanks in advance :D .

  5. I contacted the NIIT guys but they told me I need to be a part of their course or I should come to their office and pay them Rs 500 for the license and collect my DVD.Please consider my request.
    Share a license if you think I am eligible for it.

  6. Hi.
    I am really in need as I was not able to get the benefit due my harsh talk with out HOD!! Moreover, I love to use genuine operating systems and software. So, please give me one.


  7. I come from a poor family that can’t afford much except a computer for my studies. I have a dream of being a web developer some day and would like to try my hand at coding for the internet. My School does not subscribe to the dream spark stuff. I would be eternally greatful if I was to get a code for this software. It could be a life changing event for me and my family.
    Thanks for your attention

  8. I also went to NIIT for this,but they asked me
    to pay Rs.500 for something which is supposed to be “completely free”. I even showed my Student ID card, saying MS is giving it for free to student but no one was interested.

    Send a coupon code to me, if its left. I would be grateful to you!

    1. Gaurish, it’s not completely free if you’re getting the media from a partner center. The Dreamspark website now shows a 50/- per DVD charge towards the media. It’s on the FAQ page. Maybe justified, maybe not.

      And I’m out of coupons. :( Will try & get a couple more. Will have to wait for some time.

  9. Manan, Please send me one coupon, I want Windows Server 2008 to convert it to my best workstation. Thanks you so much in advance!!!

  10. Hi Manan,
    Looking to do some development at home and cant afford to buy the whole package. If you manage to get any more, please send one my way.

    Thank you


  11. https://beingmanan.com/wp/2009/01/dreamspark-coupons-giveaway/

    Hi Gaurav ji.. saw ¿your¿ post aboove..

    sir my one .. someone known to me is doing MCA.. par woh weak hai.. economically he is completing education on home loan. but said he wanted to practice on Visual Studio

    can you please help how to do it on this site.
    I am a non technical person and no nothing about you people’s coding c c+ etcetera.

    but just wished he be helped.. first I thought using even a *cough cough* downloaded copy.. and even getting a disk in Pune/ bombay isnt that difficult.

    but then why go in for piracy when it can be had officially

    if you think you can help somehow thanks.. thanks even is you can not.. no pressure

    thanks for the patience and your time to read till here

    please mail me (in case i forget to check here) if you can

    God Bless and Keep Happy
    ~sailaab~ sailaab AT gmail DOT com
    Bombay/Poona India

    Gaurish Sharma Says: February 14th, 2009 at 11:24 am Finally I managed to get License Keys on my own without paying a single penny to those buggers!

  12. I am starting up my own business and need my own web hosting, I’m starting up an academy for people who want to learn about Microsoft,Computer Science and Cisco.

    With an access code I can then download Server 2008 get the website up & running and then hopefully lift the academy of the ground.

    I am also a student in the UK @ Hull College, and could really do with a legal key for Windows 7 so an access code for me would be really handy.



    1. if you’re a student I will send you the code, will have another round of give-aways in some days. Unfortunately it doesn’t have the key for Windows 7; Server 2008, yes.

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