Enable The Posterous Bookmarklet In IE 8

Enabling Posterous’ bookmarklet in IE 8.

Windows Live Mail – Best RSS Reader For Windows

A look at Live Mail’s awesome feed reading capabilities, which enhance its capabilities beyond Mail, Contacts & Calendar, making a truly productive utility.

A Brief History Of The Internet & IE 8

A hilarious video showing a brief history of the internet & how Internet Explorer 8 helps.

5 Things Hotmail Needs To Fix

5 changes that Hotmail needs to look into seriously to regain some respect in the email user base.

Fight The Pen Drive Virus Attack

Panda USB & Autorun Vaccine & Autorun Eater are 2 utilities to protect your PC against autorun.inf viruses that spread through pen drives.

.Net & Windows 7 Sessions By Microsoft In Mumbai

Session by Microsoft on .Net (WPF) & Windows 7 in Mumbai on 23rd March.

The Guys Behind Microsoft On Twitter

The guys who tweet from the official Microsoft accounts.

7 Assorted Windows 7 Videos By Microsoft

7 videos on Windows 7 by Microsoft on Installing Windows using USB, Booting via VHD, Windows 7 Homegroups & Device stage, Problem step recorder, bot locker & resmon (resource monitor)

~70 User-Generated Geo-Tagged Synths In India

Photosynths of Indian places created & generated by users, submitted for world viewing, geotagged on Virtual Earth.

IE 8 – Federated Search For Vista & More

Use Internet Explorer’s search as an alternative to Federated Search. Use it to post directly to Twitter & Friendfeed. manage your bookmarks, back them on the net & sync.

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