~70 User-Generated Geo-Tagged Synths In India

Recently, a genius from the Photosynth team released a Geo-tagged Virtual Earth map of the synths called Geo Explore. The uploaded synths are quite personal from people’s homes to their family images. These photosynths are spread across India with North India having the most number of geo-tagged synths. Some of the most notable of the synths are:

  1. Taj Hotel – Mumbai
  2. 4 Minar (Char Minar) – Near Hyderabad
  3. Golganda Fort – Near Hyderabad
  4. Namperumal – Near Chennai
  5. Kochi – Cochin
  6. Sri Andal Temple – Near Madurai

Here is the map of India with the synth layout:

Earlier, Microsoft India Research’s – Digital Heritage project brought user generated synths as a feature as well. Geo-tagging your synths is quite easy, wherein once uploaded:

  1. Go to your synth, click on the globe on your right,
  2. On the map simply click where the images were taken & save.
  3. There is no 4th step.

Here is a sample of the picturesque synth that I mentioned of Cochin:

Kochi Photosynth

The Taj hotel (very nice images):

Hotel Taj Photosynth Image

So the next time you click some cool images be sure to Geotag them & also them across tot he Digital Heritage team at [email protected].