Microsoft Pays Tribute To MJ

Michael Jackson sure had a lot of a fans … many among the softies too, so much so that the guys in paying tribute to Jacko had provided MJ’s Thriller video as a free download (for some time), Bing Taxis were rolled on the streets & now MSN has a slick Deep Zoom of MJ’s life. Joystiq reported that the Xbox Live store was giving away the Thriller video for free, the offer lasted for about a day, which was really sad, they could’ve at least let be there for a week. Once the video give-away was done, All Things D was tipped about a cab(s) that had “We will miss you Michael” on top, this was sponsored by bing, NBC & another company. Here’s the image:

If that’s not all, the guys at MSN have a Deep Zoom of the life of the late superstar, zoom into the image & have a look at tons of MJ’s photographs. It’s a treat, trust me. Here’s a screenshot:

Michael jackson Deep Zoom

Watch it here, unfortunately the fags won’t let anyone embed the Deep Zoom.

R.I.P. MJ, you’re a class act.