Rob Margel Inaugurates A New Enthusiast Podcast Series – Microsoft Talk

Microsoft Talk Podcast


A long pending project which almost never took off. But here we are with our new podcast series – Microsoft Talk. The podcast will be a monthly episode for our first few months to see how much of the gibber-jabber can you folks handle. We have planned give-aways for every episode, what it is … well, hear the Podcast.


Yours truly along with Abhishek Baxi, we finally have our first episode on the recently RTMed Windows 7. If you’re gonna have any expectations be warned that we are two totally whacked-out Microsoft fanboys doing the podcast (I hate Apple, he doesn’t give a damn; I loathe L’users, for him they don’t exist). We plan to have a guest integral to the Microsoft ecosystem for every episode doing some Microsoft Talk.

To kick-off our series we have Rob Margel from Microsoft UK talking on Windows 7! (Follow the link to listen or download the episode.)


Our home for now is here. You can find us on iTunes here (don’t trust those buggers one bit). We’ll be on Zune soon We’re on the Zune Marketplace as well. Our RSS feed can be subscribed from here.

Do drop in a comment about the Podcast. We’d appreciate it. :)