Windows 7 RTM Available On MSDN & TechNet

While social media comes back up from its day of complete collapse, looks like the guys at Redmond waited for it too, 10AM PDT was the time that was doing rounds.

August 6th a little after 10 AM PDT (or 10:40 PM IST) MSDN & TechNet premium subscribers got access to download the RTM build of Windows 7. The date & time was under NDA till a minute before that. Anyhow, now that it is available rush to get your builds & start upgrading the PCs around you. Screenshot:

Windows 7 RTM available on TechNet & MSDN

Here are some resources that should help you:

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Also, Microsoft announced the Windows XP Mode RC & availability . You can get it from your TechNet/MSDN Downloads as well or here.

Download Windows XP Mode RC