More Resources & Goodies For IT Developers From Microsoft

Microsoft recently published some more resources for IT Developers that should help them with Windows 7 & also started a new website for developers, IT Pros & designers.

  • Documents:

Windows 7 What’s New Guide covers the features of Windows 7, including:

  1. DirectAccess,
  2. BranchCache,
  3. VHD boot and other deployment technologies,
  4. AppLocker, Biometrics, and other security technologies.

Windows 7 Manageability Overview – this guide talks about providing flexible administrative control, the various developments in Windows 7 to improve automation & user productivity.

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You can also read:

  1. Quality & Compatibility Resources For Developers
  2. New Windows 7 Developer White Papers Released
  • Website:

{You shape} it, completely done in Silverlight. Having a ‘clay theme’ where the clay depicts an easily moldable quantity just like software. It  is a site by Microsoft that caters to the 3 pillars of software development:

  1. Design (Expression)
  2. Development (MSDN)
  3. IT Management (Technet)

Besides technical resources, {Youshape} it has some fun stuff for the developers to let their hair down containing:

  1. Screen savers
  2. Wallpapers (MSDN, Technet, MS Expressions etc.)
  3. A small movie named “Shape City” – very interesting.

The home page lets you create a wallpaper with your name or your companies, the result will be:

(Click for bigger view)

Other wallpapers on the site are available in 4 resolutions, samples:

(Click for 1280×800 view)

~Enjoy! Now you can flaunt the software that you like. :)