New Windows 7 Developer White Papers Released

Microsoft has now added to the list of the White Papers released earlier on 13th of November. These white papers explain the Windows 7 features demoed at The PDC08 & WinHEC. Today’s release includes details of “Ducking” that I talked about in my previous post and also the Light Aware UI that I mentioned in another post.

Keep in mind that these are preliminary releases, currently 21 white papers are available for download, some white papers published include:

  1. Direct 3D10 for Mainstream Applications
  2. High Color in Windows 7
  3. Introducing Direct2D
  4. Improving Direct2D Performance
  5. Developer Enhancements to Windows for Touch and Tablet
  6. Scenic Ribbon Fundamentals
  7. Introducing the Windows Sensor and Location Platform
  8. Compressed Audio Formats in Windows 7
  9. Protected User Mode Audio (PUMA) in Windows 7
  10. Windows Imaging Component Codec Guidelines for Camera RAW Image Formats
  11. Stream Attenuation in Windows 7

Download Windows 7 Developer White Papers