Quality & Compatibility Resources For Developers

At the WinHEC keynote, Jon DeVaan stressed that developers should test out compatibility of their products and efficiency of the same for providing end-to-end solutions and a better customer experience. Making Microsoft as the bridge between the customer and developer with Windows as the platform, DeVann provided a Call To Action for developers to follow in order to make their offerings more user friendly. In order to do this and help the developers Microsoft is providing 3 main resources:

  1. Vista Compatibility Center (If it works on Vista, it sure will work on 7)

The Vista Compatibility Center provides developers with feedback from customers and customers can know for themselves whether a particular device works with Vista.

Hardware Dev Central provides tools and other information helpful for hardware developers and the people who make the drivers for the hardware.

WinQual will from what I gather equip people with information about the quality of their software on the Windows platform.

Making apps, now make them better :)