Microsoft Patents Central Remote Management Technology For Mobile Devices

According to a patent filed, Microsoft plans to offer administrators central control over mobile devices in a network. The patent is for A standardized mechanism of remote management of mobile devices. The patent states that mobile configuration information will be extracted from the phone and sent as xml to the server, the person (preferably an admin) at the server will then have control to change configuration of the device from his central console. The technology according to the patent is for mobile devices and will be making use of the RFID modules in the devices. The patent states the following:

For example, an administrator may wish to change the settings of one or multiple mobile devices. This may be accomplished where the mobile device receives configuration information with a command to update the settings of the mobile device.

Local management of these (RFID) modules is possible using platform specific software. However, system administrators may have a need to manage these devices and RFID modules from a central management system.

We might see this technology in some form being introduced as part of Windows MyPhone for the businesses at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. If I let my mind loose, I think this might be added to Windows Server in time to allow administrators to configure not only desktop machines but an individual’s mobile device as well. More power to the IT guys!


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