3D Spinning Browser & Rotating Video On Windows Phone 7 [Videos]

Microsoft’s Hyderabad IDC worked on quite a few components of the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem and at Tech Ed India 2010 they were excited to show their work. The team had a couple of sessions talking about coding for Windows Phone 7. In one of the demos the guys made a 3D browser that can spin, in the second demo, a playing video was tilted along the X-Y axis. Both these demos are possible due to Silverlight on Windows Phone 7. Demos:

3D Rotating Browser App:

fyi, the first page is the one you type the URL of and the other three are static webpage images already defined and the browser engine is Internet Explorer.

Playing Video Tilted Across X-Y Axis:

The demo has sliders but he same functionality can be achieved by finger gestures as well.