Demo: Awesome OneNote 2010 And OneNote Web Apps Sync

Microsoft announced the full release of Office Web Apps recently which meant OneNote went live. I wanted to try out the sync between OneNote. Well, I did and I’m pleasantly surprised at how smooth it. Here’s a demo video of the sync:

This can be enabled on a per-notebook basis and to do this:

  • Head into backstage (click File)
  • Under ‘Info’ choose the Notebook you want share, click on the icon and select Share. Screenshot:

OneNote 2010 Office Web Apps Sync

  • Choose the Web for Share On and choose the rest of the options as per your requirement.
  • Press Select Notebook at the bottom. Screenshot:

OneNote 2010 Office Web Apps Sync Settings

And that’s it. You should now I see your OneNote notebook in the folder you specified.

The drawbacks that I came across are:

  • Won’t sync inserted audio/video. Understandable for first release.
  • Won’t sync text highlights or drawings (it does sync inserted picture files)

This looks quite exciting. My only problem for now is that I can’t sync the cloud and desktop to my mobile. I tried but didn’t work and from what I know, this should work seamlessly on Office 2010 on WP7.