Import Your ICS Calendar Entries To WP7

A quick hack with Windows Live Calendar to import ICS calendars and entries to the Windows Phone 7 without Outlook.

[Chart] Unification Strategy For Microsoft’s IEB Services

A visio chart on how I’d like to see microsoft restructure their consumer products and strategies.

Microsoft To Bring Office 365 To Windows Phone (Hint: Think Lync & FaceTime)

With office 365 on Windows Phone Microsoft could be looking to bring Lync Online as its FaceTime competitor.

What’s With The Zune, Windows Live Rebranding?

Microsoft rebranding Zune as Windows Live, a theory on why it makes sense and how it is confusing.

Microsoft India Highlights Digital Divide In Urban & Rural India

A short video from Microsoft talking about the digital divide and how overcoming it can help improve the living conditions of India.

On Microsoft & Nokia

Some quick thoughts on the Microsoft and Nokia deal.