Import Your ICS Calendar Entries To WP7

So, here I am at my first Microsoft MVP Global Summit and so far the stuff I’ve heard is what is public information. There was a lot of tough love for the Windows Phone 7 session and one of the complaints was about not being able to import their MVP Schedule into the phone. The file generated by the schedule builder is *ICS.

The trick is quite simple to import ICS entries to your phone, it’s called Live (Hotmail) Calendar. Here’s what you do:

  • Link your Hotmail account to your Windows Phone 7 (yes, I had to mention that.)
  • Download the ICS file to your PC
  • Head over to and signin with your Live ID.
  • Select Subscribe from the options in the toolbar and follow the screenshot:

The key is to Import the ICS into an existing calendar and choose My Calendar, which is synced with your phone. In a few seconds your entries should be on the phone too: