Windows Vista Calendar

There are days when I suddenly feel like organizing everything in my life and syncing it between my the cloud, desktop & mobile. This time I felt like using the Calendar on my Vista & Events feature of Facebook and sync all this with Windows Live Calendar.

Big deal, syncing between Vista Calendar & Live Calendar should be seem-less, add an event online it should appear on the desktop and vice-versa. But, not according to Microsoft. In their world this is more of a simplex mode of communication between  Windows Vista & Windows Live. Which is utterly lame and seriously disappointing. Let me explain:

You can ‘share’ your Live calendar with the Vista desktop calendar, just a few clicks and you’re done; all your entries on Live Calendar will appear in the Vista Calendar. Pretty neat this part is.

However, the reverse is not possible. Yes, there is no way to ‘upload’ your tasks entered on the Vista Calendar to the Live Calendar. So basically, the desktop client becomes pretty much use-less as there is no point of entering tasks/appointments on it as they won’t be synced to the online Live Calendar. FAIL!

Talks of more integration between the Client OS & Live services being top on Microsoft’s priority are my only ray of hope.

PS: I love the Live calendar when synced with my Facebook account. Watch out for a post on the same.