Get Ready For PDC 2008

October 26th is around the corner. Microsoft’s answer to the Macworld is about to happen. Microsoft employees and the internet is abuzz with some amazing stuff. Sitting here in India all I can do is envy the lucky Microsofties who will be partying on the roof of The Standard. It’s kinda pissing off ‘coz there is almost nothing by Microsoft that happened here other than Microsoft’s Largest Launch Event – Mumbai Leg. Some major announcements about Windows Strata (Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform) and the big Windows 7 hands on.

UXEvangelist, the good guy who keeps bringing for the less fortunate like me, screen shots of Windows 7 has now setup a new blog for PDC2008 – UX Evangelist’s PDC 2008 Blog add to that his preparations includes a Dell 1530 as Windows 7 Test Laptop. I’m hoping (s)he will be doing a Gizmodo styled PDC coverage and I will be hitting F5 like crazy!

Ever wondered if you weren’t on the guest list how much you would have had to pay to get in? A whopping $2395 USD for the full conference and $400 USD for the trailer (Pre-Conference). Want proof that you were there or wanna show the world that you were there even though you weren’t?

Check out the sessions that will be happening. Also if you some questions for the brain – Ask the Brain.

Here is the layout of the hall where the PDC is gonna happen:

PDC2008 Hall Layout

(Click for bigger view, much bigger view)

Want some more scoop on PDC2008? Head over to Mark Swanson’s blog and his series – PDC2008 A Day In the Life.

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PS: PDC2008 will be followed by Jumpstart 2009 to be held in December which is dedicated to Live Services.