What Could Go Wrong With PDC2008

Though I hope nothing does go wrong but here is the thing, after all the news that Microsoft will announce this and that at PDC, I feel that Microsoft has clubbed in too much for PDC and it’s a Professional Developers’ Conference, I feel that people are again expecting too much from Microsoft. People want to hear big announcements and see magical demos regarding Windows 7, not to forget the next big thing – Strata.

In simple terms, as the name suggests it’s a gathering of developers and not journalists. From the name 1 expects Microsoft talking about it’s products from a developers point of view and with the announcements that they have made, the expectations & the kind of buzz that has been created around PDC is more like Apple’s Mac events, where it’s less developer & more end-user product launches.

Even WWDC for that matter was supposed to be a conference for developers but was eclipsed by the launch of iPhone 3G. But, we’re talking about Microsoft here, the same company that calls it’s OS Windows 7 and uses 6.1 as the kernel. :D

My fear is that clubbing so much into 1 event and then not being able to deliver a customer-focused presentation will give the critics and anti-Microsoft brigade yet another reason to mock Microsoft. Uncle Ozzie seems like a serious guy, I hope he knows that though this is a developer’s conference, it’s the eyes of the end-user that are on it.

So I don’t really care what is inside Windows 7 or how easy it is for xyz to code an application for Windows 7 or simple it is for someone to use the Ribbon SDK, I want to see Windows 7 bake me some cake! I want Windows 7 to run twice as fast as Windows Vista on a machine that is half as powerful. I want to see Live & Windows merge into 1.

In simple terms I hope that uncle Ozzie doesn’t turn PDC2008 into a college lecture. I want to see magic being created. Uncle Ozzie please don’t screw it up.

By the way here is what you need to follow to get the latest scoop on what’s happening at PDC2008.