Windows Live Snubs MSN For Entertainment!

I’ve always felt that MSN is a sort of sore-thumb in Microsoft’s online presence but nevertheless over the years it has good content and is the online entertainment segment of Microsoft. The super-awesome updates to Windows Live in Live Wave 3 hit my account’s shore today and was setting up my profile on it. I was surprised to notice that when I was adding my favorite movies in my profile, the search results are from Amazon & not MSN.

The wizard asks you add the title of the movie and then you have a ‘Search’ option on the right. I searched for ‘Independence Day’ and the link that was added was of Amazon. Considering MSN Movies has a vast database on movies, yet Amazon is being used. Screen shot:

And here is the MSN Movies page for ‘Independence Day’. You can go to MSN Movies and search for movies as well. I tried this for ‘Gladiator’ too, the search results were that of Amazon.