Dear Microsoft Bing, Don’t Discriminate

Microsoft rolled out its brand new search engine, named ‘Bing’ now not getting into my thoughts on the name, I liked the video preview that was shown at the ‘All Things D’ conference. Like everyone else, I too was excited on seeing the video & waited for the public release. It happened today. And I’m not happy. I’m disappointed. A bit. For starters, a bit of ego searching for my name didn’t show my awesome blog on the first page, unlike that other search engine. If that wasn’t sad enough, Bing’s homepage for India is different … make that very different from that of US. Needless to say, the US page is the new Bing & shows better results.

The first impression as the saying goes is the last impression, won’t say ‘last’ but still makes an impression. I, like lot of other users was taken to the Indian page of Bing which IS the Live search page with the name Bing. The worst part is that the search result pages differ as well! Screen shots:

(Click for bigger view)

See the sidebar in the window on the left, that’s the US result page with options like:

  1. Drivers
  2. Manual
  3. Specs
  4. Battery

… that actually make Bing the Decision engine. But on the right, what’d ya see?