Moving To Windows 7?

Links & utilities that should help you in upgrading from Windows XP or Vista to Windows 7

Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

Microsoft India’s promotional campaign for Internet Explorer 8 run via a website & 4 video advertisements.

Install WordPress On PC With Web Platform Installer

Install Wordpress or Drupal on your PC with Microsoft Web platform Installer.

Microsoft India’s Windows 7 Promotional Campaign For Corporates

Microsoft India’s second Windows 7 promotional campaign targeted towards businesses.

Install MySQL & phpMyAdmin On Windows For IIS

Setting up MySQL server & phpMyAdmin on Windows running IIS 7 & WIndows 7. Works with Vista as well.

Ebook By Microsoft For Developers

Microsoft collated an ebook by MVPs for IT developers.

Full-Featured Silverlight Twitter Client In Your Browser

Silverlight 3 super power enables develoeprs to port desktop twitter client into the browser with all features!

Windows 7 Bliss Themepack

Windows 7 Theme Bliss, based on Windows 7 artwork wallpapers & blue as the primary color.

Lenovo Reaches Out To Indian Bloggers

Lenovo hosted a Blogger’s meet in Bombay, here’s what happened.

Microsoft India Launches Win 7 & WinMo 6.5 Promotional Campaign

Microsoft India launches Windows 7 & Windows Mobile 6.5 Promotional campaign here in India.

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