Ebook By Microsoft For Developers

Some time back I had written about a website from Microsoft targeted towards IT Developers {You Shape} IT was started by Microsoft as a one-stop resource for IT developers, catering to designing, development & management. Over the period the guys behind the initiative have been collating a lot of articles. For some reason, they thought that it would be a great idea to put some of these articles in the form of an ebook & make it as a free download. And it’s a pretty good idea! The ebook has 16 articles (and some comic strips) under the Creative Commons license. Table of contents are:

  1. Working with Brownfield Code
  2. Beyond C# and VB
  3. Remaining Valuable to Employers
  4. All I Wanted Was My Data
  5. Efficiency Upgrade
  6. Getting Started with Continuous Integration
  7. On Strike at the Software Factory
  8. C# Features You Should Be Using
  9. Accelerate Your Coding with Code Snippets
  10. Is Silverlight 2 Ready for Business Applications?
  11. Innovate with Silverlight 2
  12. Real World WPF: Rich UI + HD
  13. Hidden Talents
  14. Creating Useful Installers with Custom Actions
  15. Banking with XML
  16. Sending Email

The articles are written by Microsoft MVPs & Regional Directors.

(5.1MB PDF)