Microsoft Office Labs GM Shows The Office Labs 2019 Vision Isn’t That Far

Microsoft Office Labs General Manager Chris Partley shows how they intend to achieve one of the highlights of the Office Labs Future Vision 2019 Montage video.

Microsoft’s Free Antivirus Final Version Available For Download

Microsoft’s free antivirus program Morro – Microsoft Security Essentials announced, available for download.

Codex Team Does Refer To Apple’s Knowledge Navigator As A Reference

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator was indeed an inspiration for the Codex.

Microsoft’s Tablet PC Prototype In Action! [Images & Video]

video and images of Microsoft Tablert PC Courier’s prototype named Codex.

Welcome To Office Web Apps – First Look

First looks at Office Web Apps. Not a Google Docs killer but a competitor.

Zune 4 & Zune HD vs iTunes 9 & iPod Touch

Comparison between iPod Touch 3 & Zune HD. Screenshot comparison between iTunes 9 & Zune 4.

OS X Snow Leopard Theme For Windows 7 [Wallpapers, Icons & Cursors]

Snow Leopard theme with Wallpapers, icons & cursors for Windows 7

Apple Embraces Windows 7 Superbar With Safari 4 & iTunes 9

Safari 4 shows different thumbnails for tabs like Internet Explorer 8 & iTunes 9 has quick play like WindowsMedia Player in Windows 7.

The Curious Case Of The Microsoft NE Superhero

Microsoft India’s new mysterious & baffling campaign – The Microsoft NE Superhero

How Microsoft Is Missing The Online Dominance Race … Again

Microsoft better get its focus & priorities right, else Google will beat Microsoft once again in the online battle.