The Curious Case Of The Microsoft NE Superhero

Front page news from The Microsoft Efficiency Times:

Microsoft NE Superhero The Microsoft Efficiency Times

Wondering what is the NE Superhero? Unfortunately, to that I don’t have an answer but what I do know is that this campaign is by (or for) Microsoft India. A member of one of the forums I frequent made a post regarding an email he received from Microsoft with the subject — The NE Superhero is soon coming your way! The members were clueless (so was I) & thus began the curious case of the Microsoft NE Superhero.

Investigating around with a magnifying glass in one hand & my brand new Microsoft Wireless 6000 mouse in the other, I found that the domain belonged to an Indian Information Agency. Once I was on their site it started to make sense.

Apparently, Synapse was the brain behind Microsoft India’s Control Costs campaign. The new NE Superhero campaign flyer highlights Efficiency, something the Control Costs campaign also dealt with. Though speculation but this new campaign is either a follow-up to Control Costs or something on similar lines.

PS: NE Superhero = New Efficient Superhero? :|

UPDATE: Got confirmation from Mary Jo Foley that this is part of Microsoft’s New Efficiency campaign. Was right when I suspected it being a follow-up to Control Costs & possibly even on the New Efficient Superhero part :D