10 Tips To Enhance Windows Usability

10 of my favorite & IMHO really helpful registry hacks & tweaks to improvise the working of Windows.

Microsoft Research Digitizes Indian Heritage In HD, Beautifully

A project by Microsoft India to digitally capture India’s heritage.

1 Gadget-Release Filled Week

Some big announcements of CES 2009 by Microsoft, Sony & Palm. Macworld 09 announcements. mesh winning the Crunchies award & nokia launching the 5800 XM. All in 1 week.

Windows Pricing, Sales, Piracy & India

What Microsoft India should do to deal with the threat from Google & maintain world desktop dominance.

[Update #2] Vista To Windows 7

A set of utilities that will enable you to make Windows Vista behave like Windows 7.

5 Simple Tips To Make A Good-Looking Report Using Word 2007

5 simple tips & a few pointers on how to use Word 2007 to create a simple yet elegant looking project report.

3 Events To Look Forward To In Jan ’09

3 events to look forward to in January that will define the rest of the year.

New Year’s Eve Shows Efficiency Of Indian Telecomm

Entire telecomm network of Bombay & parts of India collapses on new year’s eve with people wishing each other.

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