[Video] Microsoft Courier UI Demo-ed At MIX10? Project Gustav?

Microsoft NUI guru Bill Buxton demonstrated what looks like Microsoft’s Courier tablet PC’s User Interface in action.

Hotmail Sign-In Page Tweaked Ahead Of MIX10, Metro Inspired Look For Wave 4?

Hotmail’s sign in apge gets tweaked, Windows Live Wave 4 web apps to get segoe typography similar to Metro UI.

Microsoft Working On Pressure Sensitive Computer Mouse?

Microsoft patent shows pressure sensitive mouse, where interaction depends on the pressure applied when clicked. Classified as normal tap or hard tap.

MIX10: HTML5 & IE9, Windows Phone 7 Series, Live Wave 4 And More

Some of the highlights to look forward to at Microsoft’s annual event. MIX10 happens in Vegas from the 15 to 17 March.

The Courier Is Social, Does Facebook And SMS

new images of the Microsoft Courier tablet show SMS and Social features.

Xbox Live, TV, Bing Maps And SteveB At UW [Demo Videos]

Videos of the demos shown at Steve Ballmer’s Cloud webcast at Univeristy of Washington.

[Update] Windows Mobile 6.5.5 Exists? Microsoft Not Giving Up On Windows Mobile

A tweet points towards Microsoft’s Windows Mobile build 6.5.5

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