pptPlex Updated For PowerPoint 2010. Now Supports Windows 7 Multi Touch

The office Labs team came out with a tool called pptPlex for PowerPoint 2007 sometime back.

The tool brought presentations to life. You were no more bound by a predefined sequence of slides. pptPlex let you create a canvas that you could zoom into and out of to show your slides. I did not use this a lot since it was buggy and resource consuming, not to mention that it wasn’t supported on PowerPoint 2010. The great thing is, they’ve updated it.

pptPlex also supports the multi-touch capabilities of Windows 7. If you have a touch enabled computer, you can make use of the following multi-touch features to control your presentations:

  • Pinch to zoom
  • Swipe to go to next/previous slide
  • Tap to zoom
  • Two-fingered tap to zoom out

pptPlex will appear as a tab on PowerPoint’s ribbon. Screnshot:

Here are some videos of what you could do with your presentations using pptPlex:


pptPlex is a dead man walking.

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Death By PowerPoint? Meh!