Microsoft India Shows The Kinect Experience For Diwali

Xbox Kinect Davinci
Image credit: Gizmodo (They’ve got a good review too.)

It fascinates me how the Xbox team makes all the right decisions while the other divisions falter. I’ve written about Windows 7 missing the Indian holiday season but the Xbox division is looking forward to capitalize on it… unlike the Windows Phone department that won’t be launching Windows Phone 7 devices anytime this year. In a nicely done video the Xbox India team has people playing on the Kinect at a premier mall in Bombay. Kids in traditional clothes, crowd cheering and an senior person playing Kinectimals made me smile. Here’s the video:

You can pre-order your Kinect from the Microsoft India Online store for Rs. 9,999/- Another video uploaded by XKCDont has some people getting an exclusive hands-on in a mall in Gurgaon, last month: