More HTML5 Bing Demos Show Bing As A Web App

HTML5 Bing demos show Bing becoming more than a search engine (or decision engine) the service from Microsoft is becoming more of a web based app.

Consumer Tech Trends Seen By Microsoft

Consumer tech trends as seen by Microsoft were talked about at a conference held in Seattle.

Piecing Together Where The WP7 Update Process Got Messed

After several statements from microsoft, a clearer picture as to how the Windows Phone 7 update process got screwed up emerges. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Microsoft Patent: Flick In A Direction To Transfer Files To Phones Near Your

Microsoft has applied to patent a use case where you can flick an image to the corner of your phone & it will transfer the image to a paired phone in the same direction.

How Deep Are Windows Live ID & Windows 8 Integrated

Two screenshots of Windows 8 shed light on the Windows Live ID integration in Windows 8. You cannot login into Windows 8 using Windows Live ID.

Microsoft Research Adds Sensors To Make Multi Purpose Stylus

by adding capacitive touch and orientation sensors, the stylus will know based on how one holds the stylus whether one wants to use it as a paint brush or pen.

System Designs & The New Twitter For iOS

System design decisions aren’t random, there is quite a bit of thought behind each of them. As bloggers/influencers we need to look into things before jumping the gun.

[Legs-In Video] Syracuse Snow Review

A quick video review of my first snow Syracuse.