Patent Shows Roaming Profiles For Custom Kinect Gestures

Every so often when I suffer from what is known as the writer’s block, nothing like a patent application to get me excited. Kinect integration in Windows 8 surfaced quite a while back in a dump of leaked slides, Microsoft followed this with a SDK for Kinect and Windows. Killing time when I should be working I stumbled on a patent application explaining standard gestures being refined based on how the user performs these gestures and then these refinements stored as a roaming gesture profile.

The patent application is a combination of two parts:

  • Personalized (custom) gestures being stored as a profile.
  • These profiles available on other devices as they are roaming profiles.

And this is what makes it drool worthy cool. An excerpt from the patent applciation:

a computing environment that may employ a method for gesture recognition, personalization and a gesture profile that may roam over a network such as that described in FIG. 2. […]

The computing environment may perform gesture adaptation to create new gesture information or supplement/replace at least a portion of default gesture information. For example, the computing environment may identify variations in the user’s gesture compared to pre-packed or default gesture data. The computing environment may identify parameters that define the variations or better define parameters of the gesture to correspond to the manner in which the gesture is performed by the user.