Install MySQL & phpMyAdmin On Windows For IIS

Setting up MySQL server & phpMyAdmin on Windows running IIS 7 & WIndows 7. Works with Vista as well.

Full-Featured Silverlight Twitter Client In Your Browser

Silverlight 3 super power enables develoeprs to port desktop twitter client into the browser with all features!

5 Desktop Apps For Web Junkies

Download videos from youtube or watch them on the destop, download music songs from, create album art wallpapers & track your software usage with these apps.

5 Cool Codeplex Utilities #2

5 interesting Codeplex applications to control your PC using Twitter, ISO editor & burner for Vista Windows 7, to know computer hardware details, use different wallpapers on different monitors, auto sort files based on file type.

[Update: Feature Removed] Sandbox Standard User Accounts In Windows 7

PC Safeguard or Guest Mode disallows users to save files to specific drives & also undos any changes done by them when they log off.

Microsoft Toolshed

A new website from microsoft New Zealand directing you to the right tools for the right purposes. :) Links to Indian counterpart services included :)

Windows Live Mail – Best RSS Reader For Windows

A look at Live Mail’s awesome feed reading capabilities, which enhance its capabilities beyond Mail, Contacts & Calendar, making a truly productive utility.

Fight The Pen Drive Virus Attack

Panda USB & Autorun Vaccine & Autorun Eater are 2 utilities to protect your PC against autorun.inf viruses that spread through pen drives.

IE 8 – Federated Search For Vista & More

Use Internet Explorer’s search as an alternative to Federated Search. Use it to post directly to Twitter & Friendfeed. manage your bookmarks, back them on the net & sync.

Glassy Notepad & Music Player

A transparent Notepad, Music Player & Explorer. Aero Notepad, Music Player & theme for Windows Vista.

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