10 Tips To Enhance Windows Usability

10 of my favorite & IMHO really helpful registry hacks & tweaks to improvise the working of Windows.

[Update #2] Vista To Windows 7

A set of utilities that will enable you to make Windows Vista behave like Windows 7.

[Update] Windows Vista To Windows 7

Make Vista look and behave like Windows 7. Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Auto-Scan & Add Tracks To iTunes Library [Windows]

A small yet very useful add-on for iTunes on Windows to automatically add songs from folders to iTunes library.

Make Vista Look & Behave Like Windows 7

Make Vista look and behave like Windows 7.

Promising CodePlex Projects

Some cool Open Source projects from Microsoft’s Open Source arm – CodePlex.

Autorun Tools

2 tiny applications that allow you to create autorun files and also allow you to control their behavior on your computer.

Speak Your Commands To Office 2k7

This setup will allow you to speak your commands to your Office 2007. It uses Windows Speech Recog.

Create UAC White List

Tips on how to start programs with highest privileges bypassing the UAC prompt for those programs.

5 n00b Softwares To Make You Look Pro

5 simple softwares that help you create bootable, automated Windows disks, improve digital camera images, take screen shots & edit mp3 tag info.

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