Microsoft – Life Without Walls

As posted hours ago by yours truly, that the Jerry-Gates ads were NOT canceled but the campaign moved into phase 2. The fact was confirmed by the recent Microsoft Press Pass.

According to the Press Pass phase 2 is known as Life Without Walls

Tearing Down Walls

Microsoft signaled the next phase of the Windows brand campaign with full-page newspaper ads carrying the headline: “Windows vs. Walls”. The copy in the ads lays out the driving philosophy behind the new Windows marketing approach. Veghte says: “At the core, Windows is about enabling each one of us, as individuals, to live our lives without walls … I want to work when I want to work, I want to play when I want to play. I want to communicate and share with friends and family and co-workers.”

The ads are print and focus on how Windows as a platform connects all aspects of your life – your mobile phones; your laptops; desktops & even your home entertainment (TV). The first print ad that explains the focus of Microsoft is my favorite, the image looks simply slick and the text is inspirational too.

Microsoft Life Without Walls Print Ad

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Here is another one:

Microsoft Life Without Walls Ads

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All the ads in series are in print form and can be found here.

EDIT: I just made a wallpaper out of the 1st print ad, here it is:

Microsoft - Life Without Walls Wallpaper

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Here is the video of the next ad, it features Bill Gates: