Access Live Messenger Without The Client

Embed Live messenger in your site/blog & access Live Messenger on your phone. Access Live Messenger without the client.

POP Settings For Hotmail, LiveUpload v2 & Live Essential Updates

POP access settings for your Hotmail account.

Glassy Notepad & Music Player

A transparent Notepad, Music Player & Explorer. Aero Notepad, Music Player & theme for Windows Vista.

Hotmail Just Got Hotter. Web Messenger Unleashed

Hotmail get’s Live Messenger Web embedded.

Windows 7: Blessing In-Disguise For Tech Bloggers

Windows 7 is 1 of the best things to happen to a tech blogger! Problem Steps Recorder can be used to take screen shots & write tutorials 7 reviews easily.

[PoC] Divided By Zero. FAIL.

Demo on how to use Windows 7’s Problem Step Recorder as a blogging tool.

My First Podcast – The Ultimate OS X vs Windows Debate

OS X vs Windows Podcast, I take on the guys behind smokingapples.

Digital Heritage Project Gets Major Update, Visitor Contributions Enabled

Microsoft India’s Digital Heritage Research project get’s a major update. Users can now contribute witht heir images & synths!

Microsoft India Talks On Dreamspark

A discussion with MSFT India Academia Director about their attempts to help the students & their Dreamspark initiative.

Multiple Versions Of Windows, Sensible?

Are the 5 different editions of Windows any good? Yes.

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