Office 2010 Tech Preview After 30 Days

Incase you haven’t come across it, I listed some apparent-to-the-eye new features in office 2010. What I didn’t know then was for how long could one use the Tech Preview version. About 3 days before the 30-day evaluation period got over every time I ran an Office 2010 program there was a notification saying that the version is not activated & I need to do so. Screen shot:

The only issue in this was that there was no link to go to or box to fill-in any serial key (not that I had any). I didn’t need a serial key to install/use the one I obtained from the “sources”. I would close the dialog box & once the 30 days were over, I still got the same pop-up & I could still close it & I can still use my Office 2010 Tech Preview (Word, Powerpoint, Excel & OneNote) version with no feature cut or time bombs or anything of that sort. It’s been 3 days since I passed the 30 day limit.

UPDATE: David in the comments pointed out that he found Outlook going into “reduced funtinality mode”. I checked it & it does seem to. Contacts & Appointments (Calendar) works fine but mail isn’t. Screen shots:

From what I think, Outlook is affected because I have the Professional edition. Smart move I must say, else a pop-up doesn’t bug me a lot honestly. :D