Update: 54 Assorted Wallpapers of 17 Microsoft Products [Official And Unofficial]

54 wallpapers of 17 Microsoft products and 7 Windows themes of the wallpapers.

Apple Patent Shows Smart Drag-Drop For Upcoming OS X?

Recently filed Apple patent shows dynamically changing folder icons and auto sorting of files when dragged and dropped.

Microsoft Patent Explains Tablet Courier’s Context Menu?

Patent explains the radial context menu as seen in Microsoft Courier’s promotional demo UI videos. The context menu is designed to suit touch interfaces by showing the frequently used options more prominently for quick access.

Microsoft Launches Campaign For Windows 7 Professional – ‘You Spoke, We Listened’

3 new videos from microsoft pitching Windows 7 to business users. Continuing from the ‘Windows 7 was my Idea’ to a ‘You spoke, We listened’ campaign And companies talking about their Windows 7 experiences.

Windows Live Wave 4: Windows Live Mail Changes And New Features

Changes, improvements and new features in the recently leaked Windows Live Wave 4 Windows Live Mail.

[Update] Windows Live Wave 4: Live Writer Changes And New Features

Here’s a quick look at the changes in Live Writer Wave 4.

Some Thoughts On Thoughts About Windows Phone 7 Series

Some thoughts on Windows Phone 7 Series platform and comments made by Mozilla, John Gruber about copy/paste in Windows phone and the iPhone 4 OS

BOOKS.SHOW – Touch Enabled WPF Windows 7 Ebook Reader App ‘Done With Microsoft’

At MIX10 a touch enabled open source ebook reader for books sourced from Project Gutenberg was demonstrated. Books.Show was built with Microsoft.

Patent Shows Windows 8 Interface Features?

Patent shows possible Windows 8 interface with new categories for data like Libraries and a rich feedback driven drag and drop interface.

[Early Screen Shots] Evolution Of The Bing Homepage Design – Kieg, Kumo, Kiev, Kumo

Some early screen shots of Bing’s design and the evolution of the Bing homepage and search results page shown at MIX 10.

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