Microsoft Launches Campaign For Windows 7 Professional – ‘You Spoke, We Listened’

So far Windows 7 has had a series of campaigns targeted mainly towards the home user. Microsoft India had a Windows 7 campaign for businesses. Now, Redmond has released three new videos pitching Windows 7 Professional to business users. The first video continues with the ‘Windows 7 was My Idea’ campaign but slightly changed and has professionals saying what they want from their PCs in a working environment and thereby highlighting Windows 7 features:

  • Reduce costs
  • Productivity
  • Not slow, no bugs, compatibility and no excuses
  • Reliable, fast etc.

Here’s the first video – You Spoke. We Listened:

The other two videos are professionals from two companies talking about their experience with Windows 7.

The first video is from THASP – a healthcare firm:

The second video is of a French startup – SMUB: