Update: 54 Assorted Wallpapers of 17 Microsoft Products [Official And Unofficial]

Here’s a wallpaper collection of Microsoft’s products. Some of these wallpapers come from Microsoft and some of these are enthusiast creations. I was going through my wallpaper collection and found that I have wallpapers for quite a few Microsoft Products. If you happen to be the creator, leave a comment and I shall credit you. I created a set of 5 Live Mesh wallpapers and 2 Bing wallpapers for the pack. There are 15 products – 3 Hardware & 12 Software products. Wallpapers and Windows 7 themes:

Note: Scroll to the end to download the wallpaper pack and themes.


Xbox 360

Xbox 360 wallpaper Size: 2560×1600 Original by ~baffyy Xbox 360 wallpaper Size: 1600×1200


Microsoft Zune wallpaper Size: 2560×1600 Microsoft Zune wallpaper Size: 1920×1200
Microsoft Zune wallpaper Size: 1600×1000 Microsoft Zune wallpaper Size: 1200×800

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface wallpaper Size: 1600×1200 Microsoft Surface wallpaper Size: 1600×1200

Office 2010 (Size: 1920×1200)

Microsoft Office 2010 wallpaper

No idea where I got this from, you the creator, leave a comment and I’ll edit.

Windows Phone 7 Series (Size: 1920×1200)

Windows Phone 7 Series Wallpaper Windows Phone 7 Series Wallpaper
Windows Phone 7 Series Wallpaper Windows Phone 7 Series Wallpaper

Made by Gilly at His Microsoft Life, I edited the one with white background and pestered him to tweak the others.

MSDN (Size: 1280×800)

Microsoft MSDN Wallpaper

Microsoft Expression (Size: 1280×800)

Microsoft Expression wallpaper

More information on the MSDN and Expression wallpaper.

Silverlight (Size: 1600×1050)

Microsoft Silverlight wallpaper Microsoft Silverlight wallpaper

via Blake

Microsoft Translator (Size: 1920×1080)

Microsoft Translator wallpaper Microsoft Translator wallpaper

These come from the Microsoft Translator team.

Forefront (Size: 1920×1200)

Microsoft Forefront wallpaper Microsoft Forefront wallpaper via Blake

Live Mesh 5-Wallpaper Pack (2560×1600)

Microsoft Live Mesh wallpaper

*Made by me

Bing (Size: 2560×1600)

Microsoft Bing wallpaper Microsoft Bing wallpaper

*Made by me

Windows 7 (Size: 1440×900)

Windows 7 Box Art Home Premium wallpaper Windows 7 Box Art Professional wallpaper Windows 7 Box Art Ultimate wallpaper

Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server wallpaper Size: 1920×1200 Size: 1024×768

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server wallpaper

Size: 1920×1200 via Buck Woody


Microsoft Store (Size: 1920×1200)

Microsoft Store wallpaper Microsoft Store wallpapers

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Wallpaper


Internet Explorer Wallpaper


Internet Explorer Wallpaper

Size: 1024×768

Three Screens (Size: 1920×1200)

Microsoft three screens wallpaper

(via MyMicrosoftLife)

Download the wallpaper pack:

download windows products themes

And the customary Windows 7 themes –

Microsoft products theme Xbox 360 theme Windows Phone 7 Theme
Microsoft Software Windows 7 theme Windows 7 Zune Theme
Live Mesh Theme Microsoft Store Theme

Here are some other themes and wallpapers I’ve done. Have fun Smile