Shoddy Indian Tech Journalism & Windows 7 #2

Indian tech journalists and editors goof up on Windows 7 again and spread news that is bound to create confusion and is pure FUD.

Microsoft India – Localized Bing, No Windows 7 Upgrade Packages & No Student Discounts

In conversation with Rajiv Popli – Director of Windows 7 client division, Microsoft India, he talks about Bing India and advertising commercials for Windows 7 in India.

Microsoft India Does Nothing For D-Day. Windows 7 Launch Ill Timed For India?

Windows 7 launch on the 22nd and there is no promotional activity by either Microsoft India or their OEM partners.

The Curious Case Of The Microsoft NE Superhero

Microsoft India’s new mysterious & baffling campaign – The Microsoft NE Superhero

How Microsoft Is Missing The Online Dominance Race … Again

Microsoft better get its focus & priorities right, else Google will beat Microsoft once again in the online battle.

Microsoft India Taps Into Student Partner Base For Windows Mobile Apps

Competition for Microsoft Student Partners to develop Windows Mobile Apps that be submitted to the Windows Mobile App Store.

Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

Microsoft India’s promotional campaign for Internet Explorer 8 run via a website & 4 video advertisements.

Microsoft India’s Windows 7 Promotional Campaign For Corporates

Microsoft India’s second Windows 7 promotional campaign targeted towards businesses.

Microsoft India Launches Win 7 & WinMo 6.5 Promotional Campaign

Microsoft India launches Windows 7 & Windows Mobile 6.5 Promotional campaign here in India.

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